How to contribute

Intrigued by ERA and want to get involved? Read on!

ERA is not quite ready for community contributions

While we plan to fully open up ERA to the community, for the time being we're not quite ready to handle that (we're a small team!!). If you're interested in the project and want to help out please do get in touch though! One of the most valuable things you could do is take the project for a spin and give us some feedback on it.

What's the plan re ERA and Open Source?

We want to make ERA freely available, and we want it to be useful as a standalone tool. We (Cotera) use it to build our product, but it's not our product, so we don't want to commercialize it. If we're being totally transparent, our interests are best served by the data community adopting ERA and using it to build analytics libraries. ERA is an extension point for our product, and an ecosystem like that would therefore be beneficial to us.

Ready to learn more?

Then come and say hello to us on Discord! Or head over to GitHub to try out the ERA examples on your computer.
ERA + dbt interop