A new ERA for Data

ERA is a cross warehouse, type checked, unit testable analytics library for building data applications. Think type safety, beautiful abstractions, unit tests... everything an engineer expects in 2024.

const score = (lead) =>
FACTORS.map((factor) => lead.attr(factor))
.map((x) => x.coalesce(0))
.reduce((l, r) => l.add(r));
const TopLeads = Leads
.innerJoin(Companies, (lead, company) => ({
on: Eq(company.attr('id'), lead.attr('company_id')),
select: {
...lead.renameWith((oldName) => `lead_${oldName}`),
...company.pick('num_employees', 'revenue'),
LEAD_SCORE: score(lead),
.where((t) => t.attr('LEAD_SCORE').gte(15));


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dbt Quick Start

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What is ERA?

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API reference

Reference for the ERA library.

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